If you’re looking for the best hair extensions in Toronto, you’ve found ’em! The ColdHair system is just what you’ve been waiting for. Our patented adhesive is a game changer. In a word, there’s no other hair extension system on the market that’s as fast, easy and comfortable. 

So what’s so special about ColdHair? We don’t use heat or machines! Instead, we use a patented polarized adhesive and two tools, a swan ring and a clamp, which allow you to install these extensions virtually anywhere. ColdHair is the only hair extension system of this kind. It took our parent company, Socap Original, four years of research and development to create this innovative system that simplifies hair integration, prioritizing the integrity and health of the natural hair.

As a stylist, I field a lot of questions from clients about hair extensions. Of course, they’re concerned about the financial investment, time commitment, and source of the hair. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation out there so I’m going to clarify things for you right now! 

So let’s start with the ColdHair process and how it differs from other hair extension methods. 

The Best Hair Extensions in Toronto: The ColdHair Process!

ColdHair Patented Polarized Adhesive 

Our polarized adhesive has positive and negative ions placed on either side of the bond. A stylist simply squeezes them together with the clamp provided in the kit and a magnetic connection is created, sealing the natural hair in between. This is incredible! For the first time, stylists don’t need harsh adhesives or heat to create a long-lasting bond. In fact, this connection is so resilient that it remains intact for 3-4 months when removal is recommended. 

ColdHair Smart Guide  

Each ColdHair Bond comes pre-attached to the measured smart guide, allowing stylists to create perfectly placed bonds each and every time. One of the biggest issues clients run into when hair extensions are installed is they’re placed too close to the scalp causing tension and stress at the root. Unfortunately, some clients even have to pop a few Tylenol before they go to bed the first night. ColdHair eliminates this discomfort altogether! Our lightweight bonds are flexible and the guide assures that you’ll never have extensions that are too tight or too close to the scalp, allowing for proper 360° rotation…

…making your hair extensions comfortable from day one! You also never have to worry about tension hair loss – and yes this is a thing.

ColdHair Swan Ring & Clamp 

The ColdHair swan ring is one of the two tools necessary for installation & removal. It’s designed not only as a sectioning tool but also as a guide for the amount of hair each section requires to fit perfectly into the smart guide.

The second tool is the clamp. Once the smart guide is in place, simply squeeze the pre-measured clamp down allowing the magnetic polarization to fasten the bond onto the hair.

Cold Hair Essential Oil for Removal 

To loosen the magnetic bond, I add a couple of drops of our unique blend of essential oils to the extensions prior to removal. This allows the swan ring to easily break the magnetic connection, causing the hair to separate and slide out. No pulling or sticky residue is left making for a far less lengthy removal process!

One thing we ask our clients NOT to do is to use oils on their hair while they have ColdHair extensions – as they may inadvertently loosen the bond. This is why SoCap Original created a wonderfully rich sulfate, paraben free shampoo, and conditioner to help you preserve the strength of the bonds for up to 4 months – all the while maintaining a silky tangle free mane.

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Integration, Highlighting & Blending  

Integrating ColdHair extensions is just part of the process. The true magic is in the art of blending and colour matching. Honestly, this is where hair extensions can go really wrong. We know this, and a big part of our course is dedicated to making sure you learn our tips and tricks to blend ColdHair extensions seamlessly.

Hair extensions can be used for a variety of reasons. Thicken thinning hair, add length or use them to create a hairstyle that would otherwise be impossible because of your natural hair growth pattern.

We also use platinum blonde extensions to keep many of our client’s natural hair healthy while still allowing them to push the envelope when it comes to colour. At ColdHair Academy we show you how to achieve perfectly blended extensions every single time.

Consultations & Quoting 

Give your clients access to the best hair extensions in Toronto. At the ColdHair Academy, we train you in the most innovative hair extension system available. Feel confident that you’re in good hands because we only teach this one method of hair integration. This means you’ll get in the inside scoop on every aspect of your new business. From consultations to removal, we leave no stone unturned.

One of the biggest difficulties stylists have with a new system is consulting with their clients and giving them accurate quotes. You don’t want to underestimate or overestimate the work involved.

Avoid this stress altogether and enroll in the ColdHair Academy today.

The Best Hair Extensions in Toronto Start With the Hair

So if you’re searching for the best hair extensions in Toronto, chances are quality is an issue – and if it’s not it should be! 

Let’s face it healthy extensions last longer and you don’t have to be concerned that the source is questionable. The good news is, ColdHair extensions are 100% human hair, ethically sourced from Khazakstan!  So rest assured your extensions will remain beautiful until they’re removed. 

If you are in any doubt – it’s always best to use human hair rather than synthetic. That’s because synthetic hair is very sensitive to heat – and you want your locks to be able to take a beating. 

Synthetic hair also doesn’t have the same look, weight or movement as human hair, so it doesn’t blend as well. The shine is a dead give away. As I mentioned above the true magic when it comes to hair extensions is blending. Synthetic hair doesn’t give you the same multi-tonal colouring matching that human hair does. Sure, fake hair is less expensive but it will be obvious that you’re integrating synthetic hair which is something most would like to avoid. 

“All hair extensions are not created equal. In fact, buying the wrong kind can be disastrous for your tresses. First things first: Fillerup says to make sure the hair is human remy hair (considered the finest quality human hair). “You want the hair to style well and look natural,” she says, explaining that 100 percent human remy hair won’t melt like synthetic hair, and will last longer and thus protect your investment.”

What All Brides-to-Be Should Know About Clip-In Hair Extensions,

The Best Hair Extensions in Toronto Are MOBIL

I absolutely love the fact that ColdHair can come with me wherever I go…

….whether I’m booked for an out of town bridal party or working on a photo-shoot!  That’s because I’m not lumbered with machines or inhibited by lack of electricity, enabling me to provide services to my out of town or mobile clients regardless of where they’re located. Hey, happy clients mean a happy life.

There’s one very special client, that’s been with me for a good chunk of my career. Sadly she moved to the US, but she and I have such a good relationship that she’d fly into Toronto to have her extensions maintained a few times a year. With the advent of the ColdHair system, all of that changed! Now I can easily travel to her with everything I need without going over the airport baggage weight limit. What a bonus! 

Another perk is creating beautiful hair for our out of town brides. Rural areas have been a challenge in the past – but who wouldn’t want to get married in a beautiful place like Muskoka? The ColdHair system makes extensions possible even in the great outdoors! Sometimes it’s all I need to create that perfect boho braid or add a little volume to give our bride the hair of her dreams. That’s why I always pack my ColdHair tools and a wide variety of hair colours JUST IN CASE.  

This approach also works perfectly when I’m on set. Balancing the needs of clients and photographers isn’t always easy.  Sometimes the look they’re trying to achieve isn’t possible with natural hair or clip-on extensions.  This is where ColdHair provides the perfect solution. In a matter of minutes, I can transform the model’s hair from bland to glam all the while sticking to a tight schedule. 

This is Why You Need ColdHair NOW

So this is the ColdHair difference. If you are looking for the best hair extensions in Toronto, we’ve got you covered. They are fast, beautiful and easy to integrate and remove. No more heat, harsh chemicals or hours in the char. Not to mention the fact that ColdHair extensions are comfortable from day one!

If you’re a stylist, enroll in the ColdHair Academy today, where you’ll not only learn how to use this incredible system, but you’ll receive our support and assistance to grow and market your new endeavor.  After you graduate we give you a pre-class kit that contains images, a list of hashtags, as well as some introductory verbiage so you can start marketing ColdHair to your clients right away. Once you become ColdHair Certified we will add you to our website in the “find a stylist” section to ensure that you’re easily located.

We look forward to being part of this Extension Revolution with you! Call us today. 

ColdHair Toronto Team
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