Frequently asked questions


Where does ColdHair come from?

ColdHair is ethically sourced from India and processed in Italy. It is 100% human hair.

Can ColdHair be coloured?

No, however, it can be toned with a semi-permanent colour. We recommend toning from the lighter shades to darker tones; or simply with a darker colour. Do not bleach the hair a lighter colour as it will compromise the hair. Trust me, we’ve tried it.

How long does ColdHair last and can it be re-used?

ColdHair extensions can be worn in place for 2 to 3 months. If a client chooses to wear it longer, then she becomes responsible for the integrity of her own hair.

ColdHair cannot currently be re-used; however the developers are in the process of determining a method that would make this possible.

Is it typical to lose a few ColdHair strands, and if so, what would cause them to fall out?

It is possible to lose 3 to 5 pieces when using 5 or more packs for fullness or extra length. Pieces may fall out due to a buildup of oil around the attachment, brushing the hair too aggressively, or not using the recommended ColdHair shampoo and conditioner. Human error during installation is also a possibility, therefore it is critical to fully focus during an installation.

Does my hair need a break between ColdHair services?

No! ColdHair can be worn continuously thanks to the pre-measured guide distance, which keeps the tension away from new hair growth. So, you can install, remove and re-install with confidence.

Can I use hot tools on ColdHair?

Yes, hot tools can be used, however be sure to avoid the attachment areas as this may weaken the magnetic connection over time.

What should I consider when preparing for a quote?

When preparing a quote for a client, be sure to include your cost for hair washing, styling, cutting, as well as for the attachment size, length, and if it’s a special order colour.

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Skill Requirements

It is recommended that the certified stylist be able to cut hair into the desired look when using ColdHair Milano.

No Live Models

All ColdHair certification videos must be done on a Mannequin Head ONLY. There are no exceptions. If a human model is used your certification video will be deemed incomplete.

Post Certification

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