Canada is a huge country with big cities known for their regional take on style and elegance throughout. But if you don’t live in one of these cultural centers, don’t despair! With ColdHair Academy’s online hair extension course in Canada you can remain up-to-date and offer the most innovative new styles without major commutes to classes and supplies. Here are five great benefits of the ColdHair Academy online hair extension program.



Learn an Innovative New System

Whether you’re a newly licensed hairstylist working on your own, or an industry professional from a salon, ColdHair Academy will teach you everything you need to provide your clients with the newest technology in hair extensions. This innovative new method is explained in detail through their online hair extension courses Canada. Having the certificate from this course will add that extra touch of expertise to set your business a step above the rest. ColdHair Academy also provides all the materials you will need to practice the new skill, so long commutes and days spent learning in a salon/school are gone, giving you more time to create!



Be a part of an Adaptable, and Exciting Field

As a stylist in demand, you will have lots of options about the kind of jobs you want to accept. While some prefer to work in a salon where they feel comfortable and prepared, the independent hairstylist can add the finishing touches on-site. This could include weddings, film shoots, or anywhere else there are people who want to look their best. With a certification from a hair extension cutting course the world is your salon!



Use Your Creativity

As a stylist, you are literally sculpting with hair. ColdHair Academy’s certified hair extension course gives you a new and exciting medium to work with. All clients have a list of styles they love, and a wish list of those they have only dreamt about. Imagine that you are able to now add thick, natural extensions and with ColdHairs hair cutting extension course you will be able to make all their dream styles become reality.



Highly Flexible Career Options

Once you become an extension artist and have been certified by ColdHair Academy, you are free to choose where and when you want to work. ColdHair Academy’s training course provides a business section that will help making some of these choices easier. While some stylists stick to a regular 9 to 7 routine, many independent hairstylists are attracted to the field because of the flexibility. You can choose to work nights, weekends, and even on site at special events. However you decide to use your skills, it is a career that can easily be adapted to your lifestyle.



Live Up to Your Aspirations

Ever since you were young, you’ve been fascinated by glamour and the hair styles were always the finishing touch. As an adult, you made the decision and became a licensed hairstylist . What next? Expand your stylistic palette by learning an innovative, highly successful new hair extension technique. The certified hair extension course offered by ColdHair Academy will give you that added range of possibilities to finally achieve your childhood aspirations.


How long does it take to complete the certification program?

The certification program can typically be completed at your own pace, but most stylists finish it within a day after receiving their kit.

Do I have to be a licensed hairstylist to be ColdHair certified?

A hair extension artist is currently a trade within a trade and you don’t need not be a licensed hairstylist or apprentice in training. We do however suggest that knowing how to trim or cut hair is a major bonus in provided a full service to your client. 

What is included in the training kit?

Both training kits include the swan ring and clamp, the essential tools needed to install and remove ColdHair. ColdHair training extensions, ColdHair colour chart and Purifying shampoo. To get you started on your journey as a certified stylist. The Professional kit has additional ColdHair products which include the removal oil, retail shampoo and conditioner.

How long does ColdHair last?

ColdHair is recommended for 2 to 3 months of wear. 

Can ColdHair be coloured?

Yes, ColdHair can be coloured, when doing a regrowth touch up. It can also be toned with a semi-permanent colour. We recommend toning from the lighter shades to darker tones; or simply with a darker colour. Lightening ColdHair in anyway is not recommended as it will compromise the hair. Trust me, we’ve tried it.

Do I get access to exclusive products as a certified Pro ColdHair stylist?

Absolutely. You'll have access to exclusive ColdHair products and enjoy preferential pricing.

Does my hair need a break between ColdHair services?

ColdHair can be worn continuously thanks to the smart guide, the pre-measured guide, that ensures the safest distance from the scalp. Which keeps the tension away from new hair growth and therefore you can install, remove and re-install with confidence.

Can I use hot tools on ColdHair?

Yes, hot tools can be used, however be sure to avoid applying heat to the attachment areas as this may weaken the magnetic connection over time.

How often should I brush my ColdHair extensions?

It is recommended that you advise your client to brush their hair with the ColdHair extension brush, morning and night, to ensure, that tangles and potential matting is avoided.

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