Building a Hair Extension Clientele

Building a Hair Extension Clientele

When you’re working on ColdHair Academy’s hair extension certification classes, you’ll be eagerly anticipating having your own dedicated clientele to beautify! Building a clientele is one of the most important first steps you will take after you have perfected your ColdHair technique. New stylists especially must make the extra effort to ensure things go smoothly from the beginning.





While you won’t be announcing the opening of your new business with sky writing or billboards, there are lots of ways to spread the word. Use social media as much as you can. Having a well-designed website will give you a platform to display your work and products, make announcements about any additions or changes, and provide your clientele with a source of information about hair extensions in general and ColdHair specifically. Since word of mouth is the most immediate and usually productive form of advertising, be sure your clients leave the shop looking great, and happy about their experience. You could give them some business cards to distribute if they are comfortable with that. For more ideas about promoting your business, the online hair extension certification from ColdHair Academy has a whole section devoted to business startup.





Never underestimate the importance of your first consultation. This is the time you spend getting to know all about your future client’s wants, needs, and expectations. It is also when you charm them with your personality, make them comfortable in the setting, and impress them with your knowledge and expertise.


Comfortable Space


When a new client enters your place of business, first impressions go a long way. Your entrance should be well-lit and uncluttered, with signage that clearly shows the name of your shop. There should be a cozy area for consultations, with comfy chairs and a table to display information or fill out forms. Offering a warm or cold beverage is a great way to make a new client feel relaxed. Your workspace should be clean and efficient, with everything you will need within reach.


Follow Up


If you are running your own small shop and don’t have a receptionist, try to find a computer program that will track your client’s appointments and send reminders. Especially after extensions have been installed for a first-time client, you should have them back within a month for a follow-up. You can see how the style is holding up and make any necessary adjustments. This also give your client a chance to ask question about maintenance, and you can offer some helpful advice that may prolong the life of the extensions. Online hair extension certification from ColdHair Academy will give you lots of useful information regarding follow-up care.


Always remember, satisfied clients showing off their gorgeous new ColdHair extensions are your best advertisement!

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