Innovations in the Hair Extension Industry: A Look at ColdHair Magnetic Extensions

Hair extensions have been a transformative solution for individuals seeking to enhance the length and volume of their hair. Over the years, the hair extension industry has witnessed remarkable innovations, and one of the breakthroughs gaining immense popularity is magnetic extensions, specifically exemplified by the cutting-edge brand, ColdHair.


Evolution of Hair Extensions

Traditional methods of hair extensions, such as clip-ins and tape-ins, have long been the go-to choices. However, with an ever-growing demand for more natural-looking and convenient solutions, the industry recognized the need for innovation. This led to the development of magnetic extensions, offering a revolutionary approach to achieving luscious locks.


What Sets Magnetic Extensions Apart?

Magnetic extensions distinguish themselves by the use of advanced technology. The extensions feature tiny magnets strategically placed at the tip of the hair extension, ensuring a secure yet comfortable attachment. This innovative approach eliminates the need for adhesives, clips, or tapes, providing a hassle-free and damage-free experience.



ColdHair: Pioneering Magnetic Extensions

At the forefront of this magnetic revolution is ColdHair, a brand known for its commitment to quality and innovation. ColdHair's magnetic extensions stand out for their exceptional hold, blending seamlessly with natural hair. The brand's dedication to creating a user-friendly experience has positioned it as a leader in the industry.



Style Versatility with Magnetic Extensions

One of the remarkable features of ColdHair magnetic extensions is their versatility. From glamorous curls to sleek updos, these extensions offer endless styling possibilities. Whether it's a casual day out or a special event, clients can effortlessly switch up their look with magnetic extensions.


The Science Behind Magnetic Extensions

Understanding the science behind ColdHair's magnetic extensions is crucial for users. The magnetic force is carefully calibrated to provide a secure attachment without causing discomfort. Safety measures and precautions are outlined by the brand, ensuring a worry-free experience for clients.


Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Real-life experiences shared by ColdHair clients highlight the joy of choosing magnetic extensions. Testimonials praise the natural appearance, longevity, and comfort provided by ColdHair products, reinforcing the brand's reputation in the market.


Maintenance Tips for Magnetic Extensions

To maximize the lifespan of ColdHair magnetic extensions, users are advised to follow a proper maintenance routine. Simple care practices can significantly extend the longevity of the extensions, ensuring they remain in pristine condition.


The Future of Hair Extensions

As the industry continues to evolve, predictions for future innovations are on the horizon. ColdHair's ongoing commitment to pushing boundaries hints at potential contributions that could shape the future landscape of hair extensions.


Why Choose Magnetic Extensions?

Comparing magnetic extensions to traditional methods reveals the numerous benefits they offer. The ease of application, comfort, and natural appearance make them an attractive choice for both hairstylists and clients seeking a reliable and convenient solution.


Exploring ColdHair's Product Range

ColdHair boasts an extensive product range, catering to various hair types and preferences. From different lengths to colors, users can find the perfect match for their natural hair, ensuring a seamless blend.




Innovations in the hair extension industry, particularly the advent of magnetic extensions like ColdHair, have redefined the possibilities for achieving beautiful and voluminous hair. The blend of advanced technology, style versatility, and sustainability makes ColdHair a standout choice in the market. As we look towards the future, the continued evolution of the industry promises even more exciting developments.


How long does it take to complete the certification program?

The certification program can typically be completed at your own pace, but most stylists finish it within a day after receiving their kit.

Do I have to be a licensed hairstylist to be ColdHair certified?

A hair extension artist is currently a trade within a trade and you don’t need not be a licensed hairstylist or apprentice in training. We do however suggest that knowing how to trim or cut hair is a major bonus in provided a full service to your client. 

What is included in the training kit?

Both training kits include the swan ring and clamp, the essential tools needed to install and remove ColdHair. ColdHair training extensions, ColdHair colour chart and Purifying shampoo. To get you started on your journey as a certified stylist. The Professional kit has additional ColdHair products which include the removal oil, retail shampoo and conditioner.

How long does ColdHair last?

ColdHair is recommended for 2 to 3 months of wear. 

Can ColdHair be coloured?

Yes, ColdHair can be coloured, when doing a regrowth touch up. It can also be toned with a semi-permanent colour. We recommend toning from the lighter shades to darker tones; or simply with a darker colour. Lightening ColdHair in anyway is not recommended as it will compromise the hair. Trust me, we’ve tried it.

Do I get access to exclusive products as a certified Pro ColdHair stylist?

Absolutely. You'll have access to exclusive ColdHair products and enjoy preferential pricing.

Does my hair need a break between ColdHair services?

ColdHair can be worn continuously thanks to the smart guide, the pre-measured guide, that ensures the safest distance from the scalp. Which keeps the tension away from new hair growth and therefore you can install, remove and re-install with confidence.

Can I use hot tools on ColdHair?

Yes, hot tools can be used, however be sure to avoid applying heat to the attachment areas as this may weaken the magnetic connection over time.

How often should I brush my ColdHair extensions?

It is recommended that you advise your client to brush their hair with the ColdHair extension brush, morning and night, to ensure, that tangles and potential matting is avoided.

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