Pricing Your Extension Appointments Properly

Pricing Your Extension Appointments Properly

As a hairstylist, you choose this career because of how creative and artistic you are. But just because you love what you’re doing doesn’t mean you should sell yourself short! Think of all the time and money you’ve invested to become as skilled as you are. You have gone the extra mile and upgraded your hair menu to include an extensions specialist. People adore the way a gorgeous new look makes them feel and they are willing to pay for it. ColdHair Academy provides lots of job pricing information in their hair extension course in Vancouver. Here are some tips to help you make sure you are getting the money your hard work is worth.




A good consultation will give you thorough knowledge of what your client expects. It will also give you a chance to fully explain procedures, products, and costs. You can find the following items covered more thoroughly in ColdHair Academy’s hair extension course BC.


Some of the specifics to cover during consultation are:

  • Scheduling appointment
  • Payment methods
  • Client’s expectations (are they reasonable or even possible?)
  • Amount of hair needed to achieve the desired results
  • Discover any other factors that may impact the price or recommended time needed


Cost of Hair and Installation


  • Be sure to include in the cost the correct amount of hair, plus shipping fees and taxes
  • ColdHair’s innovative installation process is covered in their hair extensions course for women entrepreneurs
  • Be sure to estimate a long enough time for installation and styling, and charge for your time.
  • ColdHair Academy provides you with a recommended price list on how to advise your client which includes cost per strand and time spent.


Value Your Time


There are several factors to consider when setting your rates, and as discussed in detail in hair extension course in Vancouver from ColdHair Academy, but here are a few to think about:


  • Your service prices should be in line with comparable businesses in the area. This can vary widely region to region.
  • Consider your education and experience. A beginner can’t expect to make as much as an experienced stylist with an established clientele. Learning extra skills will add to your value
  • Above all, DON’T undervalue yourself! You’ve worked hard to prepare for this career, and you deserve to be paid appropriately




A contract is an easy way to outline and record your client’s expectations and your pricing. You can download a contract template from hair extensions course for women entrepreneurs




  • Use social media to spread the word
  • With client’s written permission you can post your best styles
  • Remember that the cheapest and often most efficient type of advertising is word of mouth. Every time you send a happy client with gorgeous extensions out the door, you are showing the world how great your work is!


Take ColdHair Academy's online certification course to learn more from our business module. 

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