Growing Your Salon with ColdHair Magnetic Extensions

Salons seeking innovation and growth in the beauty industry are turning to ColdHair, a revolutionary business that offers a unique method of hair extensions using magnetic attachment. In this article, we will explore how incorporating ColdHair's magnetic extensions into your salon's services can lead to unparalleled success.

Understanding ColdHair's Magnetic Attachment Method

What is ColdHair?

ColdHair stands out with its cutting-edge magnetic connection method for hair extensions. Unlike traditional methods involving bonds, nano, weft, or tape, ColdHair's unique approach ensures a secure yet damage-free attachment.

Comparison with Traditional Extension Methods

In contrast to time-consuming and potentially damaging traditional extensions, ColdHair's magnetic attachment is not only gentle on natural hair but also faster to install and remove. The smart guide technology allows for precise application, setting ColdHair apart in the beauty industry.

Advantages of ColdHair Magnetic Extensions

Quick and Damage-Free Application

Salons choosing ColdHair enjoy the advantage of quick and damage-free application. The magnetic connection eliminates the need for adhesives or tapes, providing a comfortable and secure fit for clients.

Precision with Smart Guide Technology

ColdHair's smart guide technology ensures precision during the application process. Stylists can achieve perfect placement, allowing for a seamless and natural look that clients desire.

Faster Installation and Removal

Time is of the essence in the salon industry. ColdHair recognizes this need and offers a method that is not only faster to install but also quicker to remove, providing efficiency without compromising quality.

Choosing ColdHair for Your Salon

ColdHair's Training Course and Certification

Salon owners can elevate their business by enrolling their staff in ColdHair's online training course. Certification from ColdHair signifies expertise in the unique magnetic attachment method.

Benefits of Using ColdHair's Training Kits and Accessories

ColdHair not only provides comprehensive training but also offers training kits and accessories to accompany the course. These resources empower stylists to seamlessly incorporate ColdHair's method into their services.

Marketing Your Salon

Utilizing Social Media for Showcasing ColdHair Transformations

Social media becomes a powerful tool for salons to showcase the transformative effects of ColdHair extensions. Engaging content, including before-and-after photos and tutorials, can captivate a broader audience.

Collaborating with Influencers to Promote Your Salon

ColdHair's unique approach is enhanced through collaborations with beauty influencers. Influencers can create content that highlights the benefits of ColdHair, attracting new clients to your salon.

Training Your Salon Staff with ColdHair

Importance of ColdHair Certification for Salon Staff

Certifying your salon staff with ColdHair is a strategic investment. It not only ensures proficiency in the magnetic attachment method but also enhances the credibility of your salon.

Resources for Education and Ongoing Support from ColdHair

ColdHair goes beyond initial training by providing ongoing support. Access to resources, updates, and a community of ColdHair-certified artists fosters continuous growth and learning.

Client Education and Consultation with ColdHair

Guiding Clients on Maintaining Their ColdHair Extensions

Educating clients on the proper maintenance of ColdHair extensions is crucial. Providing clear instructions ensures that clients can enjoy the longevity of their new hair.

Addressing Common Concerns with ColdHair's Unique Method

During consultations, address common concerns clients may have about ColdHair's magnetic attachment. Transparent communication helps build trust and confidence in your salon's services.

Creating a ColdHair Experience in Your Salon

Incorporating ColdHair's Branding in Salon Decor

Enhance the client experience by creating a ColdHair-themed atmosphere in your salon. Consistent branding and visual elements can contribute to a memorable visit. Consider incorporating ColdHair's branding into your salon's decor. From signage to salon stations, aligning with ColdHair's identity reinforces the innovative and modern nature of the services.

Maintenance Tips for Clients with ColdHair

Post-Application Care for ColdHair Extensions

Advise clients on post-application care to ensure the longevity of their ColdHair extensions. Recommending specialized ColdHair products such as the Bio Line can contribute to optimal maintenance.

Regular Check-Ins at the Salon for ColdHair Adjustments

Encourage clients to schedule regular check-ins at the salon for maintenance and adjustments. This ongoing relationship fosters loyalty and allows for personalized care tailored to ColdHair extensions.

Adding Value with ColdHair Services

Package Deals that Include ColdHair Extensions and Additional Services

Enhance the ColdHair experience by offering package deals that include magnetic extensions alongside complementary beauty services. This adds value for clients and encourages them to explore different offerings.

Enhancing the ColdHair Experience with Complementary Beauty Services

Consider offering complementary beauty services alongside ColdHair extensions. From hairstyling to makeup application, creating a comprehensive beauty package enhances the overall salon experience.

Staying Ahead of Trends with ColdHair

Keeping Up with the Latest Styles and Innovations from ColdHair

Follow us to stay informed about the latest styles and innovations in hair and beauty, particularly those endorsed by ColdHair. Being at the forefront allows your salon to attract clients seeking the latest and most innovative services.

Embracing ColdHair's Business Training for Stylists

Participate in ColdHair's business training for stylists to stay ahead in the competitive industry. Acquiring knowledge in business strategies positions your salon as a leader and promotes growth.


In conclusion, ColdHair's magnetic extensions present a transformative opportunity for salons looking to thrive in the beauty industry. The quick application, damage-free method, and ongoing support from ColdHair create a winning formula for success. By embracing ColdHair, salon owners can position their businesses at the forefront of innovation and cater to clients seeking a unique and modern salon experience.


How long does it take to complete the certification program?

The certification program can typically be completed at your own pace, but most stylists finish it within a day after receiving their kit.

Do I have to be a licensed hairstylist to be ColdHair certified?

A hair extension artist is currently a trade within a trade and you don’t need not be a licensed hairstylist or apprentice in training. We do however suggest that knowing how to trim or cut hair is a major bonus in provided a full service to your client. 

What is included in the training kit?

Both training kits include the swan ring and clamp, the essential tools needed to install and remove ColdHair. ColdHair training extensions, ColdHair colour chart and Purifying shampoo. To get you started on your journey as a certified stylist. The Professional kit has additional ColdHair products which include the removal oil, retail shampoo and conditioner.

How long does ColdHair last?

ColdHair is recommended for 2 to 3 months of wear. 

Can ColdHair be coloured?

Yes, ColdHair can be coloured, when doing a regrowth touch up. It can also be toned with a semi-permanent colour. We recommend toning from the lighter shades to darker tones; or simply with a darker colour. Lightening ColdHair in anyway is not recommended as it will compromise the hair. Trust me, we’ve tried it.

Do I get access to exclusive products as a certified Pro ColdHair stylist?

Absolutely. You'll have access to exclusive ColdHair products and enjoy preferential pricing.

Does my hair need a break between ColdHair services?

ColdHair can be worn continuously thanks to the smart guide, the pre-measured guide, that ensures the safest distance from the scalp. Which keeps the tension away from new hair growth and therefore you can install, remove and re-install with confidence.

Can I use hot tools on ColdHair?

Yes, hot tools can be used, however be sure to avoid applying heat to the attachment areas as this may weaken the magnetic connection over time.

How often should I brush my ColdHair extensions?

It is recommended that you advise your client to brush their hair with the ColdHair extension brush, morning and night, to ensure, that tangles and potential matting is avoided.

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