The Traits of a Great ColdHair Stylist

The Traits of a Great ColdHair Stylist

If you gave your little pony braids, or your (ex)best friend an unforgettable Mohawk in grade 3, you may have what it takes to become a professional stylist. ColdHair Academy offers everything you need to get started on a new styling technique with hair extension course Ontario.


Check out this list and see if any of these traits sound like you.



Great Listening Skills


Do you like to hear about people? When a client tells you what they’re looking for, can you ask the right questions to be sure you understand? The hair extension course for GTA from ColdHair Academy will provide questions you can ask, about what the customer’s lifestyle is, or how they want to look exceptional for a special event. By listening and questioning carefully, you will be able to turn their vision into reality. This is also a great time to establish a friendly rapport with your clients, so you both leave the shop smiling.


Use New Trends to Create Your Own Style


In a chic café or the latest fashion magazine, you see a shocking new style. With your trained sophisticated eye, you begin to recreate it mentally. Soon, you are imagining it as part of your clients’ look. Whether you and your client go for a stunning new look or a subtle added splash of panache, you are on the way to creating your own vision. With skills gained from ColdHair Academy’s hair extension course Toronto, you will have the ability to turn this vision into a reality!




Sometimes it can be difficult to be honest with your clients. Remember that you are the expert and understand the way styles can enhance features, and that you want to try to boost the most beautiful elements. Your client may ask for something that is not appropriate for her face shae or hair type. Try to gently steer them in a better direction and always use discretion. Honesty is an absolute necessity when it comes to pricing. Use prices suggested in the hair extension course GTA when your client asks for something extra. There should be no nasty surprises to ruin a fabulous new look.


Technical Skills


The hair extension course Toronto from ColdHair Academy will give you step-by-step instructions to instal ColdHair extensions seamlessly. Our training programs build on your existing abilities and teaches installation, removal, cutting, styling, and care of ColdHair’s one-of-a-kind extensions.


Business Savvy


Unfortunately, running a stylist business is not just about creating gorgeous new looks. Whether you work from a room in your home or a salon, there are many business decisions to make, and some of them can seem confusing at first. Luckily, ColdHair Academy hair extension course in Ontario has a whole section on business practices to make this part of your job less stressful. Find out more about how you can become ColdHair certified.

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