What Customers Look for in Extension Stylists

What Customers Look for in Extension Stylists

As a stylist, you want to offer your clients cutting-edge, elegant new looks. As many stylists are now investing in hair extensions, you need to do your homework, and be prepared with the best product and service available. ColdHair Academy’s hair extension certification ensures that before certification you will have all the skills you need, and the knowledge to answer all the questions your clients may ask. ColdHair Academy’s certification also comes with a business module to help you prepare for these.




  • Wearing your own extensions is one of the best ways to model your product and gives you the experience you need to give clientele useful tips on care and durability of their luxurious new tresses. There is no better proof that you stand by your product! By using extension certification classes online from ColdHair Academy you will be provided with the techniques to install your extensions, and everything you and your clients need to know about maintaining them.




  • You should be willing and happy to meet with your clients beforehand to discuss the specifics of your hair and options. Everyone is different and every experience with hair extensions will be different. A consultation can sometimes be necessary to get a feel for what the wearer is trying to accomplish, answer any questions, ease any concerns, and discuss any past experiences. Having this information will help you give the best possible experience. Even if clients don’t book a consultation, you should be sure to ask and answer questions to be certain that ColdHair is the right fit. Taking hair extension certification classes online will give you all the answers you need.




  • As a stylist you should be friendly and accommodating. Always be confident in your services and products they are using. Provide a clean, efficient, professional space and always insure you have all the tools, products, and skills you will need. Hair extension classes will offer support and products to make your establishment look professional and show how much pride you have in your work.




  • When you offer a no-name brand of hair extensions, the chances are very high that the hair is cheap and poor quality. Customers may save some money at the time of purchase, but this will be offset by the poor results and short lifespan of inferior products. Fortunately, ColdHair is available across the country, and customers can see ColdHair’s amazing products for themselves. As a stylist you will give your clients gorgeous, radiant extensions and the ability to care for them.


For more information on hair extension certification classes online from ColdHair Academy, check out our website.

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