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Founded in 1995 by the Di-Biase Family, Cold Hair Milano began its journey of research and development to improve the quality of hair extensions. Cold Hair Milano is the leader in the hair extension trade and has won multiple awards for its innovative technology, creativity, and leadership within our industry.

100% Natural Hair
Invisible to Sight
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This system works exclusively in collecting natural hair and telogen phase, which is why cold hair extensions are incredibly shiny and soft.

Making it the most sought-after hair in the world!

ColdHair uses a polarized patent technology, resembling that of a magnetic connection, as its unique method of attachment.

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Our smart guide set us apart from any other extension products on the market today. The smart guide allows you to install each piece perfectly but also the pre-measured smart guide ensures the proper distance from the scalp, keeping the integrity of the natural hair.

Not a tape… a bond… a weft… or a nano!
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43 Colours Available

Mix and match for the perfect blend every single time. Designed in a salon for salon professionals, our range of colours never fails to offer everything the professional will need to perfectly match your client’s hair.

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ColdHair Certified Artist

The ColdHair certification program is done entirely online and so becoming ColdHair certified can be flexible with your working hours.

Our academy is a combination of theory and practicality with easy to follow videos and written script allowing you to pause, re-watch or read to help you succeed and master the ColdHair technique.

As a bonus, we offer 1000 ColdCash rewards upon completion of your certification. This will allow you to use your rewards towards your first purchase or start saving them.

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“The ColdHair system is a remarkable technique. The online academy course was easy to follow and helped me educate my clientele “

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Victoria Vrentes Certified ColdHair Artist
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“I’m in Love. This innovative technology is exactly what I’ve been looking for. ColdHair has exceeded my expectations. This brand has been thought out by professional hair experts and getting certified from the comfort of my home was the best part!”


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Samantha Mina Certified ColdHair Artist
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Rewards Program

Giving Back to Industry

With the intention to give back to an industry they love, Marion and Patricia have compiled an incentive program that will allow you to obtain larger profit margins that will help build your business one strand at a time.

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Hair Extensions

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