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With the intention to give back to an industry they love, Marion and Patricia have compiled an incentive program that will allow you to obtain larger profit margins that will help build your business one strand at a time.

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ColdCash is our unique rewards program that allows you to earn with every purchase, completion of your certification, referring hairstylists, and many more ways to earn ColdCash with a click of a button.

Purchase and Earn

  • $0 to $499.99 you will receive 10% back in ColdCash
  • $500.00 to $1999.99 you will receive 15% back in ColdCash
  • $2000.00 and up you will receive 20% back in ColdCash

Earned to Purchase

Redeemable value:

  • 100 ColdCash = CAD $10
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Hair Stylists

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“ColdHair system is a remarkable technique. The online academy course was easy to follow and helped me educate my clientele with new ways of introducing extensions. I love this method as it is simple to install but effective for many hair styles. This is a must want and need for every client and an asset to every hairdresser”

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Victoria Vrentes Certified ColdHair Artist

“I’m in Love. This innovative technology is exactly what I’ve been looking for. ColdHair has exceeded my expectations. This brand has been thought out by professional hair experts and getting certified from the comfort of my own home was the best part. They go above & beyond to make ensure you’re successful. I’m very grateful to be a ColdHair Stylist.”

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Samantha Mina Certified ColdHair Artist

Hair Extensions

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