Elevate your styling prowess with our hair extensions course tailored to arm you with ColdHair’s patented magnetic attachment techniques and more. Learn how to select the right method for each client, install extensions that look and feel natural, and maintain their beauty over time. Gain confidence and certification to grow your business in the booming hair extension market. 

Key Takeaways

  • The ColdHair hair extension course offers in-depth training on a patented magnetic attachment technique for secure, damage-free application, covering selection, installation, and aftercare to ensure client satisfaction and extension longevity.

  • A comprehensive toolkit is provided by ColdHair, with professional-grade tools that are crucial for the precise and efficient delivery of extension services, influencing the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

  • ColdHair certification provides stylists with brand affiliation, exclusive product access, ongoing support, and a platform for increased profitability and market competitiveness.

Unlocking the Secrets of Hair Extension Mastery

Illustration of various hair extension methods


To master the art of hair extensions is to empower stylists with a transformative skill that allows them to offer their clients unparalleled beauty solutions. The ColdHair course provides extensive hands-on experience, leveraging over a decade of expertise in the innovative ColdHair method. This method is not only secure and damage-free but also offers a fast application process through its patented magnetic attachment technique.

The path towards proficiency as a hair extension technician includes:

  • Selecting the appropriate method tailored to individual client needs

  • Ensuring a natural look and feel

  • Learning advanced installation techniques

  • Practicing safe removal and aftercare

These fundamentals are designed to ensure client satisfaction and the longevity of the extensions.

In addition to technical skills, the ColdHair curriculum familiarizes stylists with a comprehensive range of products and tools, preparing them to deliver premier services. From the initial consultation to the final styling, this master class is designed to turn you into a confident and skilled hair extension technician.

The Fundamentals of Hair Extensions

A clear comprehension of the basics is vital for stylists aiming to master hair extensions. The ColdHair course covers various extension methods, including sewn-in, tape-in, and the brand’s patented magnetic connection technique. For instance, hand-tied weft extensions are installed by creating a beaded foundation and sewing in the weft, while I-tip extensions use a strand-by-strand beaded application.

Some popular types of hair extensions include:

  • Clip-in extensions, which can be easily attached and removed

  • Tape-In extensions, which offer both double-sided and single-sided applications to cater to different hair thicknesses and styling needs

  • ColdHair’s magnetic connection method, which simplifies the entire process by eliminating the need for adhesives or heat, making it suitable for various hair types.

Selecting the appropriate method is pivotal in guaranteeing a perfect fit in alignment with the client’s hair type and lifestyle. For example, sewn-in extensions like those taught in the Lux Hair Extensions Install Class in Vancouver use a hidden bead method to keep extensions inconspicuous. Each method has its unique advantages, and mastering these basics is the first step toward becoming a sought-after hair extension technician.

Some popular hair extension methods include:

  • Clip-in extensions

  • Tape-in extensions

  • Fusion extensions

  • Micro-link extensions

  • Weave-in extensions

By understanding the different methods and their advantages, you can provide your clients with the best options for their hair.

Advanced Techniques in Extension Installation

After mastering the basics, progressing to more advanced techniques can distinguish you in the industry. The hidden bead weft method is a prime example, offering both length and volume with minimal damage and enhanced durability. This method ensures that the extensions are seamlessly blended with the natural hair, providing a flawless look.

ColdHair’s innovative magnetic attachment represents a significant leap forward in the beauty industry. This technique not only offers a secure fit but is also gentle on the client’s natural hair, avoiding the need for adhesives, heat, or chemicals. By mastering these advanced techniques, you can provide your clients with the best possible hair quality, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty.

Safe Removal and Aftercare Practices

Achieving client satisfaction extends beyond the initial installation to encompass safe removal and diligent aftercare. ColdHair’s extensions, designed for continuous use, should be safely removed every 2 to 3 months to maintain hair health.

Educating clients on aftercare practices is crucial for maintaining the extensions’ longevity and appearance. Some important aftercare practices include:

  • Brushing the extensions morning and night

  • Avoiding excessive heat styling

  • Using sulfate-free and alcohol-free hair products

  • Avoiding excessive pulling or tugging on the extensions

By following these aftercare practices, clients can ensure that their extensions stay in good condition and continue to look great.

Proper aftercare for hair extensions includes:

  • Using suitable products and techniques to avoid damaging the extensions

  • Providing clients with a detailed aftercare regimen to enhance their overall experience

  • Ensuring clients return for future services

  • Boosting client satisfaction

  • Reinforcing your reputation as a skilled hair extension technician.

Building Your Hair Extension Toolkit

Professional hair extension toolkit essentials


Any technician with a goal of delivering precise and efficient hair extension services needs to have a comprehensive toolkit. ColdHair ensures that stylists are fully equipped with a range of professional-grade tools included in their kits. These tools are designed to streamline the process of installation, maintenance, and removal, affecting the quality of the service and client satisfaction.

From the swan ring and clamp to purifying shampoo and color charts, the ColdHair Professional Kitcontains everything a stylist needs to perform top-notch hair extension services. The right tools not only enhance the quality of your work but also boost your confidence and efficiency. Investing in a professional toolkit is a step toward transforming your hair extension services and growing your business.

Starter vs. Professional Kits

The decision between a starter and a professional kit hinges on an individual’s experience level and the requirements of their business. For beginners, the ColdHair Starter Kit provides essential tools like:

Priced at $299 USD, this kit includes the basics required to begin offering hair extension services.

On the other hand, the Professional Kit, priced at $499 USD, offers a more extensive array of tools, including:

This kit is designed for experienced stylists looking to elevate their services and grow their business. Both kits include free shipping within the US, making them accessible and convenient choices for stylists at any level.

Using Professional-Grade Tools

High-quality hair extension services necessitate the use of professional-grade tools. ColdHair recommends using tools like those found in their Professional Kit to ensure optimal installation, maintenance, and removal of extensions. These tools are designed to streamline the process, making it more efficient and precise.

From color rings to the clamp, each item in the kit plays a vital role in the success of your services. Using these professional-grade tools not only enhances the quality of your work but also boosts client satisfaction and loyalty. ColdHair’s commitment to providing top-tier tools and products ensures that stylists can confidently offer the best services to their clients.

Color Mastery and Customization


Mastering color matching and customization is often the key to achieving a natural and seamless look with hair extensions. ColdHair offers a palette of 43 colors, allowing stylists to perfectly match extensions to the client’s natural hair or desired look. High-quality, 100% human hair extensions are essential for achieving a flawless blend.

Beyond color matching, stylists can enhance the natural look by curling and styling the extensions along with the client’s hair. This section will delve into the art of toning techniques and creative color matching, ensuring that your extensions look as natural and beautiful as possible.

Toning Techniques for Extensions

Toning hair extensions is a safe and effective way to achieve the perfect color match without altering the hair’s structure. The process involves wetting the hair, creating a balanced toning bath, and applying the toner evenly to avoid patchiness. Testing the toner on a small, less visible section is crucial to ensure the desired tone is achieved.

Using toning shampoos with concentrated pigments can help adjust the extension colors, but caution is needed due to the porous nature of hair extensions. Proper toning techniques can significantly enhance the final look, ensuring a seamless blend with the client’s natural hair.

Creative Color Matching

Creative color matching goes beyond finding the perfect base color; it involves techniques like layering different shades and using balayage or ombre extensions to mimic sophisticated salon coloring. Utilizing color rings and offering customized color matching services can help stylists achieve a flawless blend.

These techniques allow for a more personalized approach, ensuring that each client receives a unique and natural look. Whether it’s through subtle highlights or bold color contrasts, mastering creative color matching can set your services apart and delight your clients.

Certification and Brand Affiliation

Certification and brand affiliation benefits


Establishing credibility and enhancing career potential is intrinsically linked to certification and brand affiliation. By obtaining certification from reputable brands like ColdHair, stylists gain valuable skills and the prestige that comes with brand-backed accreditation.

This section will guide you through the path to ColdHair certification and the benefits of exclusive product access for certified stylists.

The Path to ColdHair Certification

Becoming a certified ColdHair extension stylist involves:

  • Completing an online course at your own pace, typically within 1-3 days

  • The course includes video consultations and lifetime access to comprehensive training materials

  • The training covers all aspects of the ColdHair magnetic attachment method

Achieving certification requires passing assessments that evaluate the knowledge and skills acquired through the training. Once certified, stylists receive ongoing mentorship and support from the ColdHair team, ensuring continued professional development.

This certification empowers stylists to master the innovative magnetic connection technique, offering a secure and damage-free hair extension solution.

Exclusive Product Access for Certified Stylists

Certified ColdHair stylists gain exclusive access to patented polarized extension products, unique in the market. This access includes a sneak peek at ongoing support and a rewarding ColdCash program designed to increase stylist profitability.

The certification process ensures stylists receive continuous brand support, empowering their business growth. Certified stylists who purchase the professional kit benefit from Stylist Pricing, which grants a 20% discount on high-grade hair extensions, providing significant cost-saving advantages.

Transforming Careers with Extension Skills

Transformation of careers with hair extension skills


The mastery of hair extension skills can be a game-changer for your career, enabling you to:

  • Serve a wider client base

  • Augment your earning potential

  • Position yourself as a specialist

  • Increase your market value for your services

Advanced training in hair extensions can open up new opportunities and take your career to the next level.

This section explores the market demand for hair extensions and shares success stories of stylists who have benefited from certification.

Market Demand and Earning Potential

The hair extension market is booming, with North America holding the largest share at 42% revenue in 2023. The global market, valued at USD 3.50 billion in 2023, is projected to grow to USD 5.70 billion by 2033, indicating significant earning potential for skilled technicians.

Offering hair extension services can boost earnings by catering to different budgets and ensuring repeat business through regular maintenance. Personalized consultations, value-added services, and effective marketing can further enhance your income.

Salons that add hair extension services often see an uplift in revenue due to the popularity and demand for these services.

Success Stories: Before and After Certification

Many stylists have experienced significant career transformations after obtaining hair extension certification. These certifications have facilitated career growth and expanded client bases. Offering advanced hair extension services has led to increased customer loyalty and enhanced salon reputations.

Real-life success stories highlight the impact of certification on a stylist’s professional journey. These stories inspire others to pursue certification and unlock their full potential in the hair extension industry.

Elevate Your Salon Business

Offering a wider range of services, including hair extensions, is a key strategy in elevating your salon business. Mastering hair extension skills can attract more clients and boost salon income potential.

This section will discuss training opportunities for salon teams and strategies for marketing new services effectively.

Training Opportunities for Salon Teams

Providing training opportunities for your salon team can notably bolster their skills and lead to higher client satisfaction. By attaining certifications in hair extension methods, salon teams can expand their professional service offerings and build client trust. Some benefits of providing training opportunities for your salon team include:

  • Enhanced skills and expertise

  • Increased client satisfaction

  • Expanded service offerings

  • Improved client trust and loyalty

Programs like the ColdHair hair extension method provide specialized training, ensuring that teams are skilled in particular techniques, including tip hair applications.

Enrollment in certification courses offers several benefits for your team and your salon:

  • Equips your team with the necessary skills for installation and care

  • Fosters a sense of professional development and loyalty within your staff

  • Translates into better service quality

  • Increases client retention

  • Boosts your salon’s reputation and profitability

This investment in education is a win-win for everyone involved.

Marketing Your New Services

To attract clients and expand your business, it’s important to effectively market your new hair extension services. Utilizing social media platforms to post before-and-after photos and tutorial videos can effectively market your services and showcase salon successes. Creating a business website not only highlights your hair extension offerings but also engages customers with updates, allows them to explore content, and provides a platform for feedback.

Implementing loyalty and referral programs with incentives can help engage clients, retain them, and encourage referrals to promote your services. Additionally, modeling the extensions yourself can inspire clients to try the new service. By leveraging these marketing strategies, you can establish a strong presence in the competitive hair extension industry and attract a steady stream of clients.

Choose Your Learning Format

Choosing a learning format that aligns with your needs is key to mastering hair extension skills. ColdHair offers professional hair extension kits that include online resources such as instructional videos, supporting worksheets, and checklists to facilitate a comprehensive learning experience.

Access to these online training materials provides salon teams with lifetime access to educational resources and practical knowledge, ensuring consistent hair extension quality and installation techniques. This flexibility allows stylists to learn at their own pace and according to their schedules, making it an ideal option for busy professionals.

Online Course Advantages

Online hair extension courses bring many benefits to the table, such as location flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and interactions with industry professionals. These courses enable learning from any location with internet access, allowing students to arrange their studies around existing commitments.

Online courses offer several advantages over traditional in-person sessions:

  • They are often more cost-effective, as they eliminate travel and accommodation expenses.

  • Learners can access high-quality education delivered by industry professionals, regardless of their geographic location.

  • Online courses ensure that learners receive the best training available.


Mastering the craft of hair extensions through the ColdHair Elite Hair Extensions Course can transform your career, elevate your salon business, and enhance client satisfaction. From understanding the fundamentals and advanced techniques to achieving certification and building a professional toolkit, each step of this journey empowers you to offer exceptional services. Embrace this opportunity to expand your expertise and watch your career and business flourish.


How long does it take to complete the certification program?

The certification program can typically be completed at your own pace, but most stylists finish it within a day after receiving their kit.

Do I have to be a licensed hairstylist to be ColdHair certified?

A hair extension artist is currently a trade within a trade and you don’t need not be a licensed hairstylist or apprentice in training. We do however suggest that knowing how to trim or cut hair is a major bonus in provided a full service to your client. 

What is included in the training kit?

Both training kits include the swan ring and clamp, the essential tools needed to install and remove ColdHair. ColdHair training extensions, ColdHair colour chart and Purifying shampoo. To get you started on your journey as a certified stylist. The Professional kit has additional ColdHair products which include the removal oil, retail shampoo and conditioner.

How long does ColdHair last?

ColdHair is recommended for 2 to 3 months of wear. 

Can ColdHair be coloured?

Yes, ColdHair can be coloured, when doing a regrowth touch up. It can also be toned with a semi-permanent colour. We recommend toning from the lighter shades to darker tones; or simply with a darker colour. Lightening ColdHair in anyway is not recommended as it will compromise the hair. Trust me, we’ve tried it.

Do I get access to exclusive products as a certified Pro ColdHair stylist?

Absolutely. You'll have access to exclusive ColdHair products and enjoy preferential pricing.

Does my hair need a break between ColdHair services?

ColdHair can be worn continuously thanks to the smart guide, the pre-measured guide, that ensures the safest distance from the scalp. Which keeps the tension away from new hair growth and therefore you can install, remove and re-install with confidence.

Can I use hot tools on ColdHair?

Yes, hot tools can be used, however be sure to avoid applying heat to the attachment areas as this may weaken the magnetic connection over time.

How often should I brush my ColdHair extensions?

It is recommended that you advise your client to brush their hair with the ColdHair extension brush, morning and night, to ensure, that tangles and potential matting is avoided.

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